Want to donate a mask to a medical professional at a hospital or nursing home?

Evergreen Wrapping wants to help get masks in the hands of as many medical professionals who want them. We are donating masks each week but can donate more with your help.

We’re offering the opportunity to donate masks at a reduced rate of $6.99, which includes shipping.

Small size is approx. 6.25″ wide not including ear wraps.
Fits most children.

Medium size is approx. 7.25wide not including ear wraps.
Fits most women.

Large size is approx. 8.25″ wide not including ear wraps.
Fits most men.

These masks cannot prevent you from getting sick. However, fabric masks can help reduce the bodily fluids that go flying when the wearer sneezes or coughs. This mask is not sterile. Wash with like colors using soap and warm water before and between uses.

Sewn in the USA.
100% Cotton Fabric | 100% Polyester Thread
Polyester + Rubber Ear Wrap
Colors may vary slightly and pattern positioning will vary per piece.

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